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With a one on one face to face meeting we can determine your personal investment goals and you can be well on your way to pre-ordering your first investment property from exclusive listings matched to your investment strategy.

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Build Wealth With Property have investment property solutions that take you from the dream of financial security to the reality of dual income from dual occupancy tennanted rental properties in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth or Hobart.

However, apartments and townhouses are not the only option. There are also rent and tennanted commercial space options that can yeild a dual income. House and land packages from the exclusive pre-release pre-construction listings of floor plan and off-the-plan properties often make excellent investment opportunities that yeild a stable second income stream.

Property Investment Analysis with location viability and property research.

Once your investment goals are in our real estate research system, we can select from properties that match the investment location, quality and viability of the property in question. We can analyse whether a rental property is tennanted and asses it`s viability with regard to surrounding infrastructure such as proximity to shops, services and ameneties. Whether the property is in a location that is in a high mid or low demand area. Our up to the minute statistics allow us to accurately pin point properties that best match your criteria, enabling you to make the best most informed choice in one of the biggest descisions of your life.

We provide professional investment analysis reports for our clients.

Our experience in the real estate and investment property industry along with our sophisticated software solution, enables us to confirm that you have the right investment property, apartment, duplex, townhouse or home for your property investment strategy.

We can provide access to exclusive pre-release real estate and property information from Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and hobart. Exclusive property listing information covering not just mains cities but out lying and country areas such as Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Pakenham, Officer, Carigieburn and Illawarra. On the Queensland coast we cover Brisbane North, the Gold coast, central coast and the sunshine coast as well as Carins, Townsville and Toowoomba. Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra in New South Wales and territories including Adelaide Darwin and right down the southern tip of Asutralia in Hobart Tasmania.

Build Wealth With Property`s extensive and specialised real estate experience means we bring our top game to the table - everytime.

At Build Wealth With Property we have the experience dealing with accountants and financial planners to be able to advise and guide you through the process of acquiring an investment home or property that will see you safely into your retirement or to augment an already existing investment portfolio with an investment property.

At build Wealth With Proeprty we help you negotiate the tax breaks and take steps to reduce stamp duty and other costs associated with purchase of an investment property. With our real estate computer simulation software we source the best value insurance and special landlord only discounts as well as arrange discounts and depreciation schedules. We can show you just how easy and profitable it can be for you to achieve a a dual income at your current level income - how much better off could you be with just a little effort and our experience and knowledge.

In depth property analysis and information on the latest houses, homes, apartments, duplex apartments, house and land packages, floor plans and off-the-plan home builder designs in Australia.
Build Wealth With Property provide the following services:
  • Investor profiling to specifically define financial requirements.
  • Invstment Property Research and Analysis with a premiere property matching software service.
  • Financial strategies and property products from insider industry specialists.
  • Professional financial advice and detailed investment property analysis.
  • Assitance and advice on how to select the right property matched to your dual income investment property strategy.
  • Access to exclusive Off-market, pre-release, pre-constructed or off-the-plan investment property listings.