The unique Build Wealth With Property matching system is tuned to help first time property investment clients build property assets which accumulate over time, achieve strong capital growth while providing a passive income for the life time of the investment.

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No two first time property investment clients are ever the same. We know you want to build your investment property portfolio for specific reasons and in particular ways.

This is why we customise every first time property investment portfolio to take account of your financial circumstances, capacity for repayment, earning potential and life plan as well as short, mid and long term investment goals.

Whatever stage of life you`re at, there`s a great reason to step into your first time property investment

With specialist help and a customised strategy, the team at Build Wealth With Property are ready to guide you through the process of first time property investment.

As a member of Build Wealth With Property, you have direct access to our series of property investment videos. The videos explain many facets of first time property investment and are an invaluable resource.

First time property investment - Dual Occ or Apartment?.

It is rather essential for first time investors to seek out advice from those with more experience in the ever shifting property markets.

Despite big plans, 73% of first time property investors get stuck on their first property. Finding the right fit for affordability and cashflow is critical to building a successful investment portfolio – allowing you to reinvest after each purchase.

We understand the challenges which can occur when purchasing a first time property investment and are on hand to answer any and all question you may have. So, are you best to invest in dual occ designs or is an apartment better suited to your property investment strategy? These are the questions Build Wealth With Property representatives can help with. Become a member today and start you first time property investment path to income.

Not all investment property or properties for rental have the same investment potential. For example, Mining towns with their 15%+ returns, for instance, look good, but often prove to be unsustainable investments – if the mine falters, the town has nothing to fall back on. So it is sometimes better to overlook locations with single employment channels and poor infrastructure in favour of areas with more diverse economies.

Unexpected body corporate fees can also turn older strata title units or townhouses into a money pit. You may be expected to contribute to sinking funds for major renovations – on top of your quarterly fees.

With unexpected market shifts it is wise for first time investors to get advice from experienced real estate brokers who can give the first time investor some idea of what a potential a market shift might have on the profitability of a given investment property.

For the Second-time investor

Investor that are not new to the real estate game have often spent time clearly defining investment goals and at least some experience with the vagaries of property investment markets.

Right mortgage structures ensures that you remain flexible and financially healthy enough to purchase subsequent properties, while an accurate depreciation schedule can maximise tax breaks.

At Build Wealth With Property, we liaise with independent financial planners, accountants and mortgage brokers to get you set up correctly from the word go, heading off financing mistakes, defaults and break costs while laying a strong foundation on which to build your portfolio.

For the Portfolio builder.

So, your portfolio is balanced and healthy. It won`t stay that way unless you choose the very best professionals to look after your investment properties.

We routinely assess and review property managers to find the cream of the crop. Property managers worth their salt find great tenants, taking optimum care of your property while keeping your portfolio on track.

For the Renting investor.

Maybe you`re one of a growing number of people who choose to live in a rented house or apartment while investing in property. This enables you to live close to work, city or lifestyle location while your tenant pays the mortgage, getting you on the property ladder at the same time.

Yet lack of control over the place where you live, unpredictable costs and capital gains tax can reduce the attraction of this form of investing if you don`t get the balance right.

For the Single goal investor.

A tenanted investment property can be passed on to your children. Or, when the time comes, your children can use the equity to help them purchase their own property. Yet your investment needs to be protected by adequate landlord insurance, with personal income protection also recommended to safeguard you against any potential financial challenges.

A comprehensive landlord insurance policy protects you against tenant damage, bad debts, emergencies and non-payment of rent, while an income protection policy ensures you can still meet mortgage repayments and management costs in the event of personal accident or unforeseen circumstances.

For the Imminent retiree interested in a second or dual income from an investment property.

In a low-interest environment, self-funded retirees face a challenging financial landscape to make ends meet. Investment properties purchased via a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can solve this problem.

With investors attracted into property via their SMSF for higher returns, it`s easy to understand it`s appeal. But a complex set of lending requirements surrounds SMSFs, requiring expert knowledge and guidance to avoid contravening the SMSF rules.

At Build wealth With Property we are interested in the best property investment solution for you!

When we know exactly where you`re going, we can facilitate your journey by tailoring a property package which suits your needs.

    It helps to ask the following questions:
  • What are your specific lifetime goals and objectives from property investment?
  • What are your short, medium and long term priorities?
  • How are you situated right now to begin first time property investment?
  • How much equity can you access?
  • What is your buying and serviceability capacity?
  • Are you aiming for income, capital growth or both through your investment in property?
  • Are you investing in property via your super fund?
  • How is your current loan structured?

Premium investment property sales and service - Build Wealth With Property

We can provide access to exclusive pre-release real estate and property information from Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and hobart. Exclusive property listing information covering not just mains cities but out lying and country areas such as Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Pakenham, Officer, Carigieburn and Illawarra. On the Queensland coast we cover Brisbane North, the Gold coast, central coast and the sunshine coast as well as Carins, Townsville and Toowoomba. Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra in New South Wales and territories including Adelaide Darwin and right down the southern tip of Asutralia in Hobart Tasmania.

Attention to detail requires in-depth knowledge of property markets, liaison with industry experts and years of experience behind the property investment scenes. At Build Wealth With Property we have the system and the expertise to connect you to a property that is just right for you, in that it meets your expetations and the financial and investment goals that match your chosen lifestyle.

Build Wealth With Property provide the following services:
  • Investor profiling to specifically define your financial requirements
  • Invstment Property Research with a premiere property matching service.
  • Financial strategies and property products from experts
  • Professional investment property analysis for first time property investment
  • Assitance and advice on how to select the property that is right for your financial dual income strategy
  • Access to exclusive Off Property market investment property lists

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