Dual Occupancy Property Investment can Deliver a Lifetime of Returns: How Duplex and Dual Occ Homes are Becoming Investments of Choice

  • : Melbourne, Australia.

Dual Occupancy investment property is a mainstay of success for the real estate specialists at Build Wealth with Property. Dual Occ homes for sale are available now with varying designs and floor plans from our selection of exclusive dual occupancy builders in Australia. The expert team at Build Wealth with Property provide aproven suite of resources to build or expand your property investment portfolio in Australia.

Build Wealth with Property is a leading personal property investment company in Australia offering a unique range of dual occupancy homes, duplex homes, apartments and house and land packages. Many of the property investment opportunities are available to purchase off the plan, delivering further savings for investors and first home buyers. The investment properties for sale are located in a series of high growth cities in Australia. With a dedicated focus on investment property with high potential for strong capital growth and long term financial benefit, Build Wealth with Property are expert in sourcing dual occupancy homes for clients. Contact us today to unleash the potential of your investment.

Dual Occupany property investment has seen a huge increase in interest from property investor groups over the past several years. Dual Occupancy builders are receiving excellent enquiry for their projects in all key cities with Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane leading the way. The returns from Dual Occ investment properties can be advantageous over the mid to long term and offer a series of configurations to attract buyers.

Dual Occupancy investment property is a sound financial growth strategy in Australia.

The Dual Occupancy investment property specialists at Build Wealth with Property can provide the advice, support, and resources you need to build or expand your property portfolio. Dual Occ homes are one of a series of property investment types available and continue to deliver excellent returns for our clients. Whether you are looking to unlock the potential in your family home or see Dual Occupancy as an outright property investment, our expert team can guide you through the whole process from property choice to completed sale.

Connect with us today and receive the latest market information regarding investment opportunities in the popular sector of Dual Occupancy property.

Dual Occ designs are suited to the urban lifestyle currently resonating in Australian suburban and city centres.

With land in close proximity to major cities becoming harder to source, Dual Occ developments are seen as strong investments and, in some cases, lifestyle choices for investors of all kinds. Dual Occ designs can be seen in many suburban areas in this age and offer investors a multiple stream income. From the lifestlye perspective, smaller footprint Dual Occ designs deliver ease of living for rental clients.

Designs for Dual Occ properties can be sourced from Build Wealth With Property. Become a member today to view our Dual Occ designs across a series of positive geared developments and enhance your property portfolio.

Successful Investment Property Strategies with Duplex Homes

What constitutes a successful investment strategy with Duplex Homes? Contrary to popular belief, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to duplex property investment; there is no single aspect which determines whether an investment property strategy will be successful or unsuccessful in the long term.

More so, we focus on determining what a successful investment property strategy means to each individual investor in the duplex marketplace. Duplex investment property success is ultimately based upon an individuals circumstance or set of preferences.

Build Wealth with Property takes a unique approach to every duplex property investment, learning about and understanding the needs of the investor in relation to the current dual occupancy property market. Our approach will create a relevant and realistic strategy that will pave the way to achieving their personal financial and property investment goals.

Duplex house plans are available for your perusal now and offer investment opportunities in many key cities of growth in Australia. We also offer access to a unique range of Duplex homes for sale, many being off market and available to a small selection of property investors only. Our close relationship with Duplex builders delivers another level of access to the very best Duplex homes for sale, both off the plan and existing.

While the Duplex and Dual Occupancy marketplaces are very buoyant at this time, Build Wealth With Property deliver an expansive range of property types for property investors in Australia.

Dual Occupancy Homes, Duplex Homes, House and Land Packages and Off the Plan Property: Which is Most Suited to Your Investment Property Strategy?

Build Wealth with Property focus on the diversity of the investment property market, and the diversity of the investor. We take into account price point, capacity for repayment, location of the investment property and type of property. (off the plan townhouses in Melbourne or Sydney, for example, or duplex homes for sale in Brisbane or Cairns).

We also take into account the status of any existing investment portfolio, from first time buyers in Victoria looking to get started in property investment, to investors wanting to build and expand upon a successful rental portfolio.

Ultimately, a successful investment property strategy is one which achieves the right result in the short, mid, and long term goals for each investor in the Australian housing marketplace.

We believe there are a number of factors which are essential to any good strategy when investing in property:

Matching the Right Properties to the Right Investors

Build Wealth with Property boasts an extensive network of specialist home builders across Australia, providing clients with access to listed, pre-release, and off market properties in the country. Our investment property experts filter these listings using up-to-date real estate and investment property research, alongside detailed risk analysis software, to match the right investment properties to the right investors. Our aim is to deliver ther best suited investment property for sale to our clients. This could be duplex homes, apartments, or off the plan townhouses, which are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to yield significant profit for a relatively small deposit.

Creating a Personalised Strategy

One of the most effective pieces of investment property advice is to customise a strategy wherever possible, which is why Build Wealth with Property focus on flexible options to fully complement an investor`s existing lifestyle.

Flexible options include expanding the radius of the type of investment property for sale; for example, would duplex house designs for an off the plan property be a more suitable option than pre-built duplex homes for sale? Have you considered dual income from rental and tenanted houses, from large homes, mid-sized apartments, and small, single family units?

Thinking Outside the Box with Exclusive Listings

Build Wealth with Property believe that it`s important to think outside the box to create a successful strategy, and that includes not being confined solely by dual occupancy homes for sale, or Melbourne townhouse listings.

Build Wealth with Property opens up doors to pre-ordering off the plan apartments in Sydney and other major cities. We can arrange for exclusive access to pre-release investment property sources before they are released to estate agents, giving investors a unique opportunity to secure properties with the most potential for long term gain.

Build Wealth with Property currently manage a database of more than 8000 exclusive investment properties around Australia, providing greater choice and flexibility for investors.

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